The original music of Aaron Meyer naturally lends itself to the creation of original soundtracks for film, television, and radio. Aaron's diverse range in musical styles incorporating classical, rock, pop, and world music and his experience performing & arranging music with full band to full orchestra and choir has led him to work on a variety of different soundtracks.

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National Public Radio Series
with OPB and Lewis and Clark College.

Aaron composed the original soundtrack for the national public radio series "Unfinished Journey: The Lewis and Clark Expedition" a collaboration between Aaron Meyer, Music Producer Bill Lamb, Lewis & Clark College, and Oregon Public Broadcasting. The soundtrack entitled The Compass was released in November 2005.

This 13-part public radio series, hosted by Peter Coyote, commemorates the bicentennial of the Corps of Discovery. The Compass is 30 minutes total running time and consists of 20 excerpts of Character Themes (Sacagawea, President Jefferson, Clark) and interludes used throughout the radio program featuring Aaron & Bill's original music.

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Music From Aerobetty
A full length soundtrack for the Ariel Dance Theatre Areobetty presented by Whitebird in Portland, Oregon was created for the 10 performance debut in April 2000.

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Aaron has also collaborated on the film and television scores for:
  • 2006 DVD soundtrack - "The Honeymoon DVD" - as featured on Dr Phil -
  • 2001 PBS Frontline Special - "The Execution"
  • 1999 Microsoft commercial - played during NCAA Tournament live telecast
  • 1999 - 2007 - Weddings Portland Style - weekly wedding show