About In The Community

Meyer's innovative Classroom Music Project (CMP), now in its 10th season, is an extensive artist-in-residence program that brings together cross-discipline academic curriculum, music composition, cutting-edge recording technology, production, and performance.  Funded entirely by grants and donations, it allows Meyer to work with students of all ages.  Aaron visits many elementary schools around the Pacific Northwest, introducing and assisting thousands of students in creating CDs of student-written songs that are released at student benefit concerts to further support music education in schools.

Each year, Aaron presents his assembly style music education program entitled "Classical Crossover" at numerous schools and summer camps and conducts workshops with many youth orchestra's and symphonies all over the world.

"Aaron, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and support of Transitional Youth.  What an impact you and your wife, Renee, are having on the kids living on the streets of Portland and Vancouver. What makes it even more special is that you are a tremendous talent that is willing to give back to the community and organizations like Transitional Youth.  Thank you Aaron, you are not only a great musician but a great person and it is a blessing to call you my friend." - Bert Waugh Jr., President, Transitional Youth

In The Community

Aaron's focus with his charitable work is mostly centered on music education but Aaron donates his talent to support many organizations such as:

"Everytime Aaron has played for any of our events at Holt International, he has absolutely brought people to their feet.  He is a wonderful performer, and a compassionate supporter of those who are in need.  A real world class combination!"  - Monica Wilton, Events Manager for Holt International