Music Two Sides To This Story

Two Sides To This Story
Concert Rock Violinist Aaron Meyer and Guitarist Tim Ellis recorded a new CD of their original music and arrangements with their full band and full orchestra. Aaron and Tim commissioned Oregon Symphony Resident Pops conductor, Jeff Tyzik, to orchestrate 6 of their songs for full orchestra. Twenty-eight members of the Oregon Symphony recorded with Aaron & Tim and their band to create this CD.

Song List

  1. The Bounty - Meyer/Ellis *
  2. Carmina's Fortune ("O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana) - Orff/Meyer/Ellis *
  3. Kashmir - Bonham/Paige/Plant *
  4. Hermitage - A. Meyer/ B. Lamb *
  5. Six Gifts - T. Ellis *
  6. Cadenza - A. Meyer *
  7. The Compass - A. Meyer/ B. Lamb
  8. Mr. Sanchez Rages in E - Meyer/Ellis
  9. From The Other Side - Meyer/Ellis
  10. The Maid Freed from the Gallows - inspired by Led Zeppelin's "Gallow's Pole" - Paige/Plant/Meyer/Ellis
  11. You Only Live Twice - James Bond Theme - Barry/Norman/Meyer/Ellis
  12. P.M.P. (Practice More Please!) - Meyer/Ellis


Aaron Meyer - acoustic & electric violins
Tim Ellis - acoustic, alto, hi string, & electric guitars, balalaika
Jamin Swenson - bass
Jean-Pierre Garau - acoustic & electric pianos, organ, synth
Carl Smith - percussion
Anthony Jones - drums
Brian Dunning - flute, Irish whistle, & bodrahn

Produced by Tim Ellis
Recorded/mixed by: Dean Baskerville at Kung Fu Bakery Recording - Portland, Oregon
Mastered by: Bob Stark at Kung Fu Bakery Recording - Portland, Oregon

Photography: Mark Callanan -
Graphic Design:

Orchestral Arrangements by Jeff Tyzik -


"Aaron, I heard you in Gig Harbor this week and I am captivated by your music, your skill, your tremendous verve, and especially your creativity! As an artist myself, breaking new ground no one has crossed before, I applaud your unique vision and encourage you to continue on your path!!"
- Joan Tenenbaum, Gig Harbor, WA