Education Artist In Residence Program

Research shows that students become highly involved with
core academic curriculum when creative opportunities are available to them.

Classroom Music Project (CMP) Program Description
Artist-in-Residence Program with Aaron Meyer 

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Mission: The mission of Classroom Music Project is to provide opportunities for large groups of students to participate in the whole music making cycle including songwriting, digital recording, production, performance, and CD distribution using cutting edge technology while connecting the creation of music with core academic curriculum. Students use curriculum content material as the basis for the lyrics to each song. 

Students will gain the following skills from this program: 

  1. Improved student attitudes, self-esteem, interest and motivation toward learning 
  2. Music appreciation and knowledge of musical instruments and sound enhancement 
  3. Skills development and artistic creativity in writing music lyrics 
  4. Enhanced learning and retention of multiple content areas through integrated instruction 
  5. Technical skills development in technology (using computers and software programs) 
  6. Technical skills development in state-of-the-art music recording, pre-production and technical production. 
  7. Performance skills developmentIntegrated cultural diversity knowledge and appreciation 
  8. School/community involvement and outreach opportunities 
  9. Career opportunities of musical composition, music performance, recording and studio production fields 
  10. Marketing and fundraising skills development opportunities 

Description of CMP/Classes 

Classroom Music Project teaches students academic curriculum through music & technology using songwriting, digital recording, music production, and performance in Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Sciences, and Foreign Language. 

Violinist and composer, Aaron Meyer, accompanied by his recording expert and engineer will spend time in a school where they will teach students the fundamentals of music composition, artistic interpretation, and recording technology. Based on curriculum content material chosen by each individual class, these professional musicians will aid the students in interpreting curriculum subject material through music and recording the final product. 

Each visit at a different school will take 3 days to complete (we can adapt this program to be any # of days from 1 day to 5 days). During this time the musicians will meet with approximately 12 classes two different times. Classes are generally regular academic classes and students need no musical background to benefit from this program. Each class will compose text corresponding to the content they have been studying in class. The musicians will guide the class in setting text to music using a state of the art, digital recording studio that Aaron brings to each school. The song will then be recorded in class with students providing vocals and musicians accompanying with student created music. 

The culmination of each individual artist-in-residence will be an evening performance on the third evening of the artist-in-residence held for family, community members, administration, and other students. During these performances each participating class will perform the lyrics, poetry, and songs to the prerecorded music that each class created. Following the student performance, Aaron will extend the concert by personally performing some of his original works. 

At the end of each residence, the school will be left with a compact disc consisting of all the recorded music from each participating class. Students will also have the opportunity to create the graphics and design for the jewel case CD jacket. The school will retain the right to copy this product for fund-raising purposes. 

Note: Depending on the # of classes you have at your school or program, we can customize the program to add days or shorten the program. Please use the contact information below to inquire. 

Click on any of the links below to hear original songs student have created from scratch in Aaron's song writing, artist in residence program: 

"I have seen numerous performances presented by Mr. Meyer in large and small group settings and have nothing but the highest praise for the quality and content of the experience he bring to his audience." - Barbara Haddad, Media Specialist & Teacher, Sunnyslope Elementary School - Washington State 

"Thanks again for everything Aaron! You have become an icon at our school and in our hearts!!" - Sharlayne Buuck, Development Director, Forest Hills Lutheran School