aaron meyer Concert Rock Violinist

Education Program Description

Classroom Music Project teaches students about songwriting, digital recording, music production, and performance using a state of the art digital recording technology. The program is educational, fun, and inspiring.

No previous musical experience is needed for this program. This is a great introductory program for students who want to learn about music. Violinist and composer, Aaron Meyer will spend time with up to 30 students where he will teach students the fundamentals of music composition, artistic interpretation, and recording technology. Based on content material chosen by students, Aaron will aid the students in interpreting subject material through lyrics and music recording the final product.

During this time Aaron will create songs with the entire group. Students will be broken into smaller groups and will compose meaningful lyrics. Aaron will guide each group in setting text to music using a state of the art, digital recording studio. The song will then be recorded in session with students providing vocals. Students that play instruments are welcome to bring their instruments with them and we will do our best to incorporate their playing on the songs. Students will learn the basics in how to operate this equipment and the basics of digital recording and production.

The students do all of the work. They are the lyricists, they make up the melodies, and they are the producers in the recording studio. Aaron helps guide the students but they do all the work.

The culmination of the program will be an evening performance at The Day Music Theater on the final night held for parents, family members, community members, and friends. During these performances each participating group will perform the lyrics, poetry, and songs to the prerecorded music that each group created. Following the student performance, Aaron will extend the concert by personally performing his original works.

At the end of the program the students will each be left with one compact disc consisting of all the recorded music. Students will also have the opportunity to create the graphics and design for the jewel case CD.

We also have some of Portland's finest musicians come as our special guests to talk with students about song writing and recording. We also take a field trip to Oregon's premiere recording studio, led on a tour by producer and studio owner Tim Ellis. This visit to recording studio is one of the highlights of the program.