Educational Performances

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CONCERT ROCK – Music Education Assembly Program

Aaron’s Concert Rock music education performance is a 40-45 ¬†minute assembly-style program (this program can be shortened or extended) where classically-trained violinist Aaron Meyer demonstrates the connections and differences between Classical & Rock Music and his own “Concert Rock” style of music, using a traditional violin and a modern electric violin. Meyer integrates music history into the presentation, and introduces the physical science properties that govern the acoustic violin and sound. He then demonstrates how this works with the sophisticated, computer-controlled studio equipment he brings with him. We learn about delay, distortion, looping, pitch shifting, and more. ¬†Meyer performs throughout the presentation, then takes questions from students.

Aaron shares his inspiration for the violin with the story of the violin cake and a soloist with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the age of 11. This program is interactive, educational, FUN, and can help introduce Classical music to a new and young audience.

Other Educational Performances

Aaron is available to visit School Orchestra and Band programs for workshops.

For more info or to bring Aaron to your program Contact Aaron