THE AARON MEYER SCHOOL OF CONCERT ROCK is committed to nourishing the lives of students, families, musicians and teachers through music education opportunities and performances. We offer private lessons, instruments and curriculum materials to many students and families at little or no cost. We match teachers with students, provide educational performances in schools, collaborate with youth symphonies, mentor students, and a wide variety of additional music education opportunities. We are currently developing a Music Education App, an online motivational practice tool, for beginning students interested in the Concert Rock genre of music.

Make a Donation

Your donations make it possible to offer financial assistance to students from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. Thank you for giving generously in support of music education.


Suggested Donation Amounts

ONE YEAR of 60 min private lessons for a student: $5,000
ONE YEAR of 30 min private lessons for a student: $2,600
SIX MONTHS of private lessons for a student: $1,300
ONE MONTH of private lessons for a student: $250
ONE INSTRUMENT for a beginning student. Violin ($450) or guitar ($350)
OTHER: A donation of any amount to help sponsor a student!

  • If you prefer to make a donation of another amount, we thank you for your generous support
  • Any and all contributions make a difference, and we are grateful for your help
  • Contributions to Aaron Meyer School of Music meet the standards for tax deductible donations through our partnership with Oregon Music Hall of Fame, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.
  • For more information, please Contact Aaron 
  • Thank you for your generosity!

Instrument Donation

Do you have or know someone who has an instrument that could be placed into the hands of student.  Let us help you find a home for that instrument.  Contact Us to make an instrument donation.

Thank you Generous Music Education Donors!!

John & Susan Bates
Gene Bennington & Bennington Properties
Kathy & Steve Bernards
John & Laura Davidson
Jean Edwards
Mike Ellis
Richard & Kim Fink
James Frey & Trisaetum Winery
Bonnie Gilchrist & The Creche Group
Captain Terry Glenn
Ken Hick & Cheri Cooley
Denice & Kevin Hogan
Heather Killough
Bill & Shelley Kolb
Ronni Lacroute
Lori & Rob Lansing
Carolyn Leonard
Dennis & Heather Lewis
Jack & Jan Lundeen
Kevin & Janell McCartin
Carol Meyer
Rebecca Moore
Gary & Rachael Mortensen
Brian & Susie O’Day
Piper Park
Chrys Martin & Jack Pessia
Peter & Cynthia Potwin
Bart Ricketts
Stephanie Sparkman & Peter Stack
Greg & Jodi Thomas
Brad & Michelle Tonkin
Ken Wright
Charlene Zidell
Pierre Zreik
Jan Yonker & Chuck Zwick